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New Patients

goyke-health-center-welcome-1Goyke Health Center is a brand-new facility, beautifully designed and ready to be your home away from home. Our office is a relaxing place with dimmed lights and warm colors. We welcome all members of your family to our tranquil environment.

Your First Visit

The paperwork we’ll need you to fill out can be found on our website and brought in with you completed. Dedicated time frames are set aside for new patients so that we have plenty of time to address your concerns. You’ll meet Dr. Goyke when you arrive and get started immediately on discussing your history and having a thorough examination. A hands-on chiropractic adjustment will be given to you.

Please plan on spending about 60-75 minutes with us for your initial appointment.

Regular Visits

Depending on your needs, subsequent visits can take 15-45 minutes and usually end up being about a half an hour long.

Dr. Goyke focuses on helping you achieve your goals, whether you seek to get out of pain, correct the source of the problem or maintain your health long term. We’ll work with you and leave decisions about continuing care in your hands.

Free and accessible parking can be found directly in front of our office. Schedule your appointment to start living pain-free today!


Goyke Health Center | (630) 715-1183