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Sciatica Relief

Find the Root Cause of Your Pain

Woman with hands on her backSciatica is a term used to describe a set of symptoms that occurs when the sciatic nerve root is irritated. The sciatic nerve is the longest and widest nerve in the body. It begins at the lower back and continues down the buttocks and lower legs. It is responsible for feeling in the thighs, legs and soles of the feet as well as muscle control in the lower legs.

Sciatica occurs as the result of wear and tear in the lower spine. The telltale sign of sciatica is a shooting pain felt down one or both legs; however, there are other symptoms as well that are not quite as obvious. These symptoms include tingling, a dull ache and/or a burning sensation. You may experience pins and needles in your feet or toes (as if they “fell asleep”). Numbness and weakness of the legs or feet is also common.

At Goyke Health Center, Dr. Kevin Goyke will evaluate you and find the cause of your sciatica. A thorough history will be taken to determine when the problem began and the types of activities that aggravate your pain. Various activities will be observed to test your sensory, muscle and reflex strength. Imaging such as x-rays may be used to further diagnose the lower back condition that is causing your sciatica.

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