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Keep Pain at Bay with these Essential Vitamins and Nutrients

Natural Nutrients for Pain PreventionThe older you get, the more aches and pains that develop it seems. In fact, Harvard Medical School projects that seven out of ten people will likely feel some form of neck pain during their lifetime. Many people don’t want to run to the medicine cabinet every time there’s an ache or pain. So you may have considered what you can do on your own to manage minor pain.

If you have not looked at the essential vitamins and nutrients that might assist you in managing pain, there are many options to consider. Of course, it’s always best to talk with a medical professional before you begin any new treatments, even those at home. You want to ensure that nothing you take will interact with current prescriptions. Your doctor can also give you other suggestions for managing your pain that will likely include exercise and dietary changes.

Natural Nutrients for Pain Prevention

Devil’s claw root: This herb can be a little hard on your stomach, so stick with a lower dose if you have a delicate stomach. Anywhere from 30-100 milligrams of harpagoside (the active compound in devil’s claw root) can be taken each day. Devil’s claw root may reduce lower back pain and ease pain associated with arthritis as well.

Capsicum/capsaicin: Capsicum is actually the flowering plant from chili peppers. This treatment comes in the form of a skin cream with 0.25%-0.75% Capsaicin and may relieve back pain when applied directly to the aching area. It’s also available in the form of pills. The pills, however, are usually recommended for diarrhea and/or cramps.

Comfrey: Another skin cream for back pain is made from Comfrey extract. It can be applied as much as three times a day for lower and upper back pain. Tea is also made from this herb, but it can be harmful to your liver when taken by mouth so stick with the cream.

Turmeric: This root derives from the ginger family and can reduce inflammation. If you enjoy tea try making some with this herb. If not, take it as a capsule (one to two grams each day).

Vitamins that Help Prevent Pain and Discomfort

Vitamin B-5: Vitamin B-5 or pantothenic acid is known for being an anti-stress vitamin. Vitamin B-5 takes a role in the development of stress-related hormones. Sitting above the kidneys, those stress-related hormones develop in the adrenal glands. You also need this vitamin for producing red blood cells, as well as nerve functioning. With both of those systems in tact, sore shoulder and neck muscles will heal more quickly. Try to get five milligrams of Vitamin B-5 each day.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C works as a preventive by helping maintain strong shoulder and neck muscles. Vitamin C helps produce collagen, which serves as the muscles’, tendon’s, and ligament’s framework. Seventy-five to ninety milligrams of Vitamin C are needed each day.

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