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Can a Chiropractor Help with Sports Injuries in Kids and Teens?

Recovery through traditional methods can take months, but a reputable Chiropractor can often offer much faster healing through a variety of drug-free rehabilitation services.Professional athletes know the many advantages of chiropractic care and massage as a method of both relieving and preventing chronic back and neck pain from sports-related injuries. Unfortunately, children and teenagers are just as prone to the sprains and strains that can easily result from leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Recovery through traditional methods can take months, but a reputable Chiropractor can often offer much faster healing through a variety of drug-free rehabilitation services.

Whiplash and Sports-Related Injuries

This injury occurs when the head is quickly snapped from side to side without warning. While we often associate whiplash with car accidents, this injury is also very common in avid skiers, snowboarders, and other teenage sports. Goyke Health Center will assess each patient to determine a personalized treatment plan to speed the recovery process. Certain chiropractic techniques might include:

  • Muscle relaxation and stimulation techniques
  • Spinal massage
  • Spinal adjustments to the neck and shoulder region

Shoulder Injuries and Contact Sports

Dislocated shoulders, shoulder separation, and rotator cuff injuries are also very common among teenage athletes, particularly those involved in contact sports. Through a slight manipulation of the spine, a reputable Chiropractor can gently reposition the related vertebrae to speed the recovery process. Shoulder injuries also tend to result in damage to the surrounding muscle tissue, ligaments, or cartilage. Therefore, some of the other chiropractic treatment options might include:

  • Trigger point therapy
  • Myofascial release therapy
  • Strengthening exercises combined with relaxing spinal massage

Knee and Ankle Injuries

Perhaps the most common sports-related teenage injuries occur in the knees and ankles. The physical activity involved with sports like soccer, football, basketball, and gymnastics can easily lead to a slight twist or turn that results in an instant, shooting pain traveling throughout the entire body. To reduce the pain and inflammation associated with these types of injuries, Goyke Health Center might design a treatment program involving more progressive chiropractic procedures that can both strengthen the related joint and prevent recurring injury in the future. These techniques might include a combination of the following:

  • Ultrasound and laser techniques
  • Hot/cold therapies
  • Mobilization practices

Tendonitis or “Tennis Elbow”

Commonly referred to as “tennis elbow,” tendonitis can also easily occur in the shoulders of baseball pitchers and the knees of devoted teenage runners. The first goal of a reputable Chiropractor is to diagnose the disorder properly, ruling out other possibilities like bursitis or arthritis that have very similar symptoms. Because this condition often involves damage and inflammation to the surrounding muscle tissue, chronic tendonitis can be more difficult to treat. An experienced and professional Chiropractor focuses on the cause of the pain rather than the related symptoms to provide long-term relief and healing. Once a diagnosis of tendonitis is confirmed, the chiropractic treatment options might include:

  • Friction massage using Graston instruments
  • Ultrasound therapies
  • Electrical muscle stimulation.

While many of these teenage sports injuries are very common, most can be easily prevented by wearing the proper safety gear. Warming up properly before engaging in the activity is also an important preventative measure. If an injury happens to occur, contact Goyke Health Center. We specialize in progressive chiropractic treatments for children and teenagers suffering from sports-related injuries.



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